Kite Runner: Yea or Nay???

The book I chose to read was “Kite Runner” written by Khaled Hosseini. After reading this book, I can definitely say it a MUST read.
imgres        kite_runner

Kite Runner is a ‘mature’ tale of two friends in Kabul, Afghanistan whose lives are shaped by some very horrific events. Amir, the main character lives with his father, Baba who is pretty wealthy in respect to the rest of the city. His best friend, Hassan and Hassan’s father work for Baba. This dynamic causes problems for them as they grow up.

The book has three major sections: Amir and Hassan in Kabul, Amir and Baba in America, and then Amir back in Kabul. In all three there is some type of huge revelation….Sorry, no spoilers. Basically this book always keeps you on your toes. When i started reading it i set a pace of like 8-10 pages a day and I would always end up reading like 30+.

I love the way Hosseini infused so many life lessons into this book. It teaches about friendship, loyalty, betrayal, cultural acceptance (Hassan being a Hazara).

I loved the way Hosseini was able to so clearly convey Amir’s emotions and inner struggles throughout the entire book, whether it was the happiness leading up to the kite running event with his best friend, the rejection he felt by his father because he wasn’t the son he wanted him to be, or the guilt when he did nothing in that alley when Hassan- oh yea, sorry I forgot- or any other time.

There were not too many things that I did not like about this  book. To me.=, Kite Runner is a classic. It did what a book is supposed to do, keep me on my toes eager to read more. Now keep in mind there are some horrific events in this book, but if you’re mature enough i would definitely recommend this book for you.


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