To Kill A Mockingbird…I’d be crazy if I didn’t tell you to read it, right?

Word Count: 324


If you ever went through public middle or high school education then you have probably had to read “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Ironically enough I never had to, and this book review gave me a reason to actually get to read it.

Its written by Harper Lee, a widely known novelist, who really became famous for this book.


I loved this book. Its about the Finch family during a time when segregation was still most definitely a thing. Set in Maycomb, Alabama  Atticus, the father, Scout, the little daughter, and Jem the older brother all learn valuable lessons not only from other people but more specifically each other. I won’t spoil it be cause it is such a good read, but Scout even teaches her father a good lesson on acceptance. It comes from her innocence, something Atticus realizes he needs a little more of. (hint hint: Atticus, her dad, is a civil rights lawyer…..don’t forget…in ALABAMA)

Scout is a lovable tomboy but wont take any crap.The story goes through her many experiences with old friends, old people, and ghoooooooossssts. She endures alot from the kids making fun of her for what her dad does or getting side eyes and hearing things from the senior citizen peanut gallery.

The “ghost” that Scout and Jem are slightly obsessed with is named Boo Radley. They’ve heard stories all the while growing up but believe they come into direct contact with boo himself a few times in the book.

Overall it’s a great book. Like I said in my title, I’d be crazy not to suggest this book to anyone. Not only is a great book with life lessons throughout, it is also a very important piece of history if you think about it.

If you want to see what its about a little more before you go and ick it up, heres a cool movie trailer for the 1962 movie for the book.


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