IMWAYR and then some more interesting stuff…

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I am currently reading Persepolis.

It is written by an author of the name Marjane Satrapi.


                                         “We didn’t really like the veil, especially since we

                                                 really didn’t understand why we had to “

This isn’t really a powerful or amazing quote but it really struck me that these women were made to feel like they should not like wearing the veil. Why should a man or a government be able to tell a women how to dress or what to do? I just think that it’s crazy.

Not gonna lie…… I am only on page 48 so I’ve got some reading to do this week and weekend. So far it has been an oppressive tale of  a girl named Marji who lives in Iran. She along with all the other women are being forced to wear veils and obviously none of them particularly love the veil lol. Marji  has also revelaed that she wants to be a prophet, something that causes a little cofusion at her school causing her parents to be called.

But thats pretty much it so far for me….

In other news, Future released his self titled album ‘FUTURE’ recently with absolutely no features. Songs on this album have already become hip hop classics in my opinion. My personal favorites are Rent Money, Im So Groovy, and Mask Off.



The way future is able to pour so much emotion into his such, much like in Feds Did A Sweep, it just makes the music so much better to listen to .

Chance the Rapper posted two video to his Instagram yesterday with himself and Future. I can already tell I am going to love this song. Chance hasn’t really ever rapped like he does in this preview so I am excited to hear a different flow from him.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 7.56.25 AM.png

It’s crazy to think how much rap has evolved in the past decade or two. To go from songs like Summertime by the Fresh Prince and Nothing But a G Thang by Dr Dre to songs now like Broccoli by Lil Yachty and Best Friend by Young Thug (who by the way is my all time favorite rapper). He just came out with new merch the other day too if you care.

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