Word Count: 427

I read the graphic novel Persepolis written by Marjane Satarpi. The book is 156 pages


“How good it feels to walk without a veil on my head (ch.25, pg. 97)

This quote expresses the freedom that Marjane so desperately wanted throughout her entire childhood while in Iran. It also implies the suppression that she and her family member endured for so many years.

Persepolis is Marjane Satrapis own story of her and her family’s life in Iran. So if you like personal accounts and true stories then this might be the book for you. Although keep in mind it isn’t for the lighthearted.

She grows up during the Iranian revolution where there was a lot of oppression, especially in Iran. Her parents were very liberated in that they were always fighting for what they believed in, attending many protests. Marjane saw that and its what inspires her to want to become a prophet of sorts at a  very young age. She even wanted to go to one of the protests against the police force in Iran with her parents, but they wont let her go

All the girls are forced to wear veils and are separated from the boys in school, she comes to find out that her uncle spent time in prison for what he did as a revolutionary…These are some of the many things that Marjane struggles to understand. She wants to fix all the bad things and bad people in the world and doesn’t really get why all this is happening and why there has to be so much violence outside her front door. People in the streets get attacked on the daily, even her mother….. see thats part of the kinda spoiler alert thing.

Marjana really was quite adamant about her beliefs so much that she gets in trouble at schools. Her parents send her to Vienna to avoid getting in more trouble. After a while she finds herself struggling again and even becoming homeless. She ultimately comes back to Iran to be with her family which is what she really needed.

I wont spoil the very end but all in all this was a good book. It teaches you a little about the history and oppression in Iran, but also some lessons about freedom and family. Before this book I read the Kite Runner which is about a story of two friends and the struggles they endure as children leading to adulthood in Kabul Afghanistan, so this was a very good book to transition to. I can thank my english professor for that!

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