Go Tell It On The Mountain Book Review




So, for this review I read “Go Tell it On The Mountain” by James Baldwin.

250 pgs.


**I know this has nothing to do with the book but i found this old video of James Baldwin in a debate against one if his colleagues and thought it was pretty interesting.

I have heard about this book countless times before but have never read it before this.And boy, can i say that it was a good read. Like I said this book was 256 pages, well at least it was for the paperback version, and i’m used to books that are under 200 pages, so this one took me a little longer.

“He knew that sin was not in their minds- not yes; yet sin was in the flesh.”

I chose this quote because to me it rings true not only in the story, but in real life. The “he” being refereed to here is Father James. No, he’s not that crazy, but sin is definitely something off the flesh that we are all born to deal with and are continuously tempted by.

This book is told through a lot of flashbacks so if you’re not too keen on that, this may not be the book for you.

The main character is John Grimmes, a 14 year old black boy who’s family, his dad Deacon Gabriel, mom Elizabeth, brother Roy, and aunt Florence, go through a lot during the course of the book. From some of his family forgetting his birthday at first, to his brother getting stabbed (( It’s in the first chapter, sorry) and a very strict father, James learns some valuable life lessons.

With it’s ending this book isn’t one to keep you guessing or all up in your emotions. I wont spoil it, but its just a simple and sweet ending that just sums up the whole story….HE IS DELIVERED!!!!!

But overall, I did enjoy reading this book. I like books with embedded culture throughout them and the tale of the Grimmes family definitely did that. So, “Go Tell It On The Mountain” that this is a good book……. I crack myself up sometimes


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