My Last Blog…

Hey guys!

This has been fun but Brojoe’s Blog has come to a end.


Thats supposed to be a hand waving goodbye but it was the only good one I could find and it’s a gif so it moves! Lol

I enjoyed reading these books and writing about them as well as sharing a lot of information that I was interested in. Having a responsibility of the blog motivated me to read the book faster than I thought because I would always want to report back to tell what had just happened….. even though most of mine were not spoiler alerts.

I talked about Drake, Chance the Rapper, The Catcher in The Rye, Persepolis, and so many other things.

This blog was a good outlet as well. The due dates for my blog posts came at good times where i found my self just typing and typing and barely realizing I was already at 300 words.

Who knows…. Maybe I will come back later on during the summer semester or even later but for right now I’ve got a lot going on.

Prof. Brown’s ENC1102 was definitely “interesting”, but I did learn a lot about myself and my writing and annotating skills, and I know that it will help me as a I continue in school and my english career.

Overall, the blog posts sorta got me back into the habit of always being in the middle of some book. I used to love reading and as the years have gone by I have definitely fallen out of that habit.

I do not really know what links to put here for this post but here a link to my twitter. I usually can like or RT some pretty funny stuff sometimes.

I might actually come back and talk about Kendrick’s new album in the coming days because it’s pretty fire so it may deserve a devoted blog post.

But for now farewell….

(321 words)


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