My Last Blog…

Hey guys!

This has been fun but Brojoe’s Blog has come to a end.


Thats supposed to be a hand waving goodbye but it was the only good one I could find and it’s a gif so it moves! Lol

I enjoyed reading these books and writing about them as well as sharing a lot of information that I was interested in. Having a responsibility of the blog motivated me to read the book faster than I thought because I would always want to report back to tell what had just happened….. even though most of mine were not spoiler alerts.

I talked about Drake, Chance the Rapper, The Catcher in The Rye, Persepolis, and so many other things.

This blog was a good outlet as well. The due dates for my blog posts came at good times where i found my self just typing and typing and barely realizing I was already at 300 words.

Who knows…. Maybe I will come back later on during the summer semester or even later but for right now I’ve got a lot going on.

Prof. Brown’s ENC1102 was definitely “interesting”, but I did learn a lot about myself and my writing and annotating skills, and I know that it will help me as a I continue in school and my english career.

Overall, the blog posts sorta got me back into the habit of always being in the middle of some book. I used to love reading and as the years have gone by I have definitely fallen out of that habit.

I do not really know what links to put here for this post but here a link to my twitter. I usually can like or RT some pretty funny stuff sometimes.

I might actually come back and talk about Kendrick’s new album in the coming days because it’s pretty fire so it may deserve a devoted blog post.

But for now farewell….

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Catcher in The Rye Review

No spoilers here….

This time around I read The Catcher in The Rye by J.D. Sallinger (254 pages)


I don’t really know why but I thought this was a cool article and thought I should include it.

It’s immaterial to me,” she said. “Hey—how old are you, anyhow?”

That annoyed me, for some reason. “Oh, Christ. Don’t spoil it,” I said. “I’m twelve, for Chrissake. I’m big for my age.”

I chose this quote because it voices the struggle of many kids to be mature or seem older than they are because they want to be cool or accepted in a different light. Holden, the main character in the book struggles with this throughout the entire book.

It is set in 1950, so times were a lot different back then. Some of the things i didn’t quite understand but then I remembered the setting.

Holden is apparently undergoing treatment for some type of mental health issue or has been put in the loony bin for some reason he does not disclose. The majority of the book is him telling us this story. It begins with him in school and its almost the end of the semester. Holden is… a ….lets say… a troubled kid lol. He’s been to like 4 different schools and is basically failing all of his classes at his new school.

The book goes on telling of Holden’s attempts a what he believes to be a mature grown up life. He ends up with a hooker in his room at one point, drinks until he cant drink anymore at the bar that he can drink at. But we also hear about his “great” sister Phoebe who Holden really seems to have love for.

It ends with him back in the facility and for me thats when everything made sense.

He regrets telling us the story because he has so much love for the people in his past and misses them a lot.

The story itself is one of the many examples of teenage angst and the internal struggles they deal with. This one may have been a more extreme case but it made for a good book.

Overall i really liked this book. Even though I have never gone through some of the stuff he has I felt like I could still relate to Holden and that’s what made reading this book that much easier.

(377 words)


This time I want to read is  The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Sallinger (254). I am currently on page 0 but hopefully will began reading today.


Since I havent started reading it i just looked up good quotes on Google and I liked thus one:

“The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.”


…In other news Drake’s new playlist was released in the past few days and it is perfection. 22 tracks that tell the story of current life. We hear from his closest friends and relatives and I would say it is his best work, by far surpassing his last album Views.


He hints at the rumors with lyrics like “I drunk text J-Lo/ Old number so it bounce back”,  asserts his dominance in the industry with lyrics like ” I brought The Game to his knees/ I make too much to say poor me” and ” Girls wouldn’t even think about recording me”, and one of my favorites as well ” How you let the kid fighting ghost writing rumors turn you into a ghost?” talking about Meek Mill who always said Drake had a ghost writer by the name of Quinten Miller.

He teams up with other great and well-known artists like Quavo, Kanye West, PARTYNEXTDOOR, 2Chainz, and my personal favorite Young Thug, but also brings new some newer artists as well like Giggs, Black Coffee, and Sampha. Portland, Drizzy’s song featuring both Quavo and travis Scott, is still in the top 3 charts now.

But don’t get it twisted, he carries his own weight with solo tracks like Free Smoke, Gyalchester, and Do Not Disturb. to put in his own words “I switch flows like I switch time zones.” He is so easily able to transition between different beats and melodies and create such poetry (lol).

He has already broke streaming records on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Soundcloud (before they all get removed of course). Drake shows time and time again that even through all the commotion of rapper “beefs”, new music coming out from everybody in 2017,and everything else that he can still shine through and dominate the charts.

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Go Tell It On The Mountain Book Review




So, for this review I read “Go Tell it On The Mountain” by James Baldwin.

250 pgs.


**I know this has nothing to do with the book but i found this old video of James Baldwin in a debate against one if his colleagues and thought it was pretty interesting.

I have heard about this book countless times before but have never read it before this.And boy, can i say that it was a good read. Like I said this book was 256 pages, well at least it was for the paperback version, and i’m used to books that are under 200 pages, so this one took me a little longer.

“He knew that sin was not in their minds- not yes; yet sin was in the flesh.”

I chose this quote because to me it rings true not only in the story, but in real life. The “he” being refereed to here is Father James. No, he’s not that crazy, but sin is definitely something off the flesh that we are all born to deal with and are continuously tempted by.

This book is told through a lot of flashbacks so if you’re not too keen on that, this may not be the book for you.

The main character is John Grimmes, a 14 year old black boy who’s family, his dad Deacon Gabriel, mom Elizabeth, brother Roy, and aunt Florence, go through a lot during the course of the book. From some of his family forgetting his birthday at first, to his brother getting stabbed (( It’s in the first chapter, sorry) and a very strict father, James learns some valuable life lessons.

With it’s ending this book isn’t one to keep you guessing or all up in your emotions. I wont spoil it, but its just a simple and sweet ending that just sums up the whole story….HE IS DELIVERED!!!!!

But overall, I did enjoy reading this book. I like books with embedded culture throughout them and the tale of the Grimmes family definitely did that. So, “Go Tell It On The Mountain” that this is a good book……. I crack myself up sometimes


Word Count: 427

I read the graphic novel Persepolis written by Marjane Satarpi. The book is 156 pages


“How good it feels to walk without a veil on my head (ch.25, pg. 97)

This quote expresses the freedom that Marjane so desperately wanted throughout her entire childhood while in Iran. It also implies the suppression that she and her family member endured for so many years.

Persepolis is Marjane Satrapis own story of her and her family’s life in Iran. So if you like personal accounts and true stories then this might be the book for you. Although keep in mind it isn’t for the lighthearted.

She grows up during the Iranian revolution where there was a lot of oppression, especially in Iran. Her parents were very liberated in that they were always fighting for what they believed in, attending many protests. Marjane saw that and its what inspires her to want to become a prophet of sorts at a  very young age. She even wanted to go to one of the protests against the police force in Iran with her parents, but they wont let her go

All the girls are forced to wear veils and are separated from the boys in school, she comes to find out that her uncle spent time in prison for what he did as a revolutionary…These are some of the many things that Marjane struggles to understand. She wants to fix all the bad things and bad people in the world and doesn’t really get why all this is happening and why there has to be so much violence outside her front door. People in the streets get attacked on the daily, even her mother….. see thats part of the kinda spoiler alert thing.

Marjana really was quite adamant about her beliefs so much that she gets in trouble at schools. Her parents send her to Vienna to avoid getting in more trouble. After a while she finds herself struggling again and even becoming homeless. She ultimately comes back to Iran to be with her family which is what she really needed.

I wont spoil the very end but all in all this was a good book. It teaches you a little about the history and oppression in Iran, but also some lessons about freedom and family. Before this book I read the Kite Runner which is about a story of two friends and the struggles they endure as children leading to adulthood in Kabul Afghanistan, so this was a very good book to transition to. I can thank my english professor for that!

IMWAYR and then some more interesting stuff…

Word Count: 378


I am currently reading Persepolis.

It is written by an author of the name Marjane Satrapi.


                                         “We didn’t really like the veil, especially since we

                                                 really didn’t understand why we had to “

This isn’t really a powerful or amazing quote but it really struck me that these women were made to feel like they should not like wearing the veil. Why should a man or a government be able to tell a women how to dress or what to do? I just think that it’s crazy.

Not gonna lie…… I am only on page 48 so I’ve got some reading to do this week and weekend. So far it has been an oppressive tale of  a girl named Marji who lives in Iran. She along with all the other women are being forced to wear veils and obviously none of them particularly love the veil lol. Marji  has also revelaed that she wants to be a prophet, something that causes a little cofusion at her school causing her parents to be called.

But thats pretty much it so far for me….

In other news, Future released his self titled album ‘FUTURE’ recently with absolutely no features. Songs on this album have already become hip hop classics in my opinion. My personal favorites are Rent Money, Im So Groovy, and Mask Off.



The way future is able to pour so much emotion into his such, much like in Feds Did A Sweep, it just makes the music so much better to listen to .

Chance the Rapper posted two video to his Instagram yesterday with himself and Future. I can already tell I am going to love this song. Chance hasn’t really ever rapped like he does in this preview so I am excited to hear a different flow from him.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 7.56.25 AM.png

It’s crazy to think how much rap has evolved in the past decade or two. To go from songs like Summertime by the Fresh Prince and Nothing But a G Thang by Dr Dre to songs now like Broccoli by Lil Yachty and Best Friend by Young Thug (who by the way is my all time favorite rapper). He just came out with new merch the other day too if you care.

To Kill A Mockingbird…I’d be crazy if I didn’t tell you to read it, right?

Word Count: 324


If you ever went through public middle or high school education then you have probably had to read “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Ironically enough I never had to, and this book review gave me a reason to actually get to read it.

Its written by Harper Lee, a widely known novelist, who really became famous for this book.


I loved this book. Its about the Finch family during a time when segregation was still most definitely a thing. Set in Maycomb, Alabama  Atticus, the father, Scout, the little daughter, and Jem the older brother all learn valuable lessons not only from other people but more specifically each other. I won’t spoil it be cause it is such a good read, but Scout even teaches her father a good lesson on acceptance. It comes from her innocence, something Atticus realizes he needs a little more of. (hint hint: Atticus, her dad, is a civil rights lawyer…..don’t forget…in ALABAMA)

Scout is a lovable tomboy but wont take any crap.The story goes through her many experiences with old friends, old people, and ghoooooooossssts. She endures alot from the kids making fun of her for what her dad does or getting side eyes and hearing things from the senior citizen peanut gallery.

The “ghost” that Scout and Jem are slightly obsessed with is named Boo Radley. They’ve heard stories all the while growing up but believe they come into direct contact with boo himself a few times in the book.

Overall it’s a great book. Like I said in my title, I’d be crazy not to suggest this book to anyone. Not only is a great book with life lessons throughout, it is also a very important piece of history if you think about it.

If you want to see what its about a little more before you go and ick it up, heres a cool movie trailer for the 1962 movie for the book.